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Classic Christmas Commercials, part 2

March 25, 2014

Christmas is for the young and the young at heart. At least that is what they say. I think that is why we enjoy and remember certain Christmas commercials over others. Breakfast cereal commercials with a Christmas theme are among the most loved. Kids enjoy them especially when the commercial is for one of their favorite cereals. Adults love these commercials because they are reminded times when they were children sitting down to their favorite morning repast.

Everything has to be just right for Fred Flintstone’s Christmas celebration, sometimes at the expense of Fred’s closest friends. That is when the Christmas spirit arrives and Fred’s attitude is changed. The Christmas spirit plus a favorite breakfast cereal – what more could you want.

Ebenezer Scrooge is a Christmas icon. His story of how he changed from bad to good is known and loved by millions. So what could make a better breakfast cereal commercial than letting the Christmas spirit come on Scrooge via his morning meal.

I am including this Christmas commercial for Corn Flakes because I love it. It is so cute. How could anyone not like it? Three kids are giving Santa a special treat when he visits their house. Then they hide so they can see him. Unfortunately they fall asleep, all except the youngest. Well, why am I telling it to you? Watch it for yourself.

Hope this brought you many happy, Christmasy memories.

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