The Customs of Christmas – the Story of a Website

Why did I call my website, and this blog, The Customs of Christmas?  That is a story that begins way back in my childhood. 

Growing up radio stations did not start playing Christmas music 24/7 in November.  The radio station I listened to, WROW out of Albany, NY, 590 on the AM dial, did not start playing Christmas music until the first week of December.  Even then we heard just one Christmas song per hour on the hour.  The second week another Christmas song was added, one at the top of the hour and one on the half hour.  The third week of December the station started playing Christmas songs every quarter hour.  It stayed that way all the way to 6:00 pm Christmas Eve.  Then WROW played their 24 Hours of Christmas program.  Not only did they play Christmas music, but they played programs that I looked forward to hearing every year.  They had live reports from NORAD telling us where Santa Claus was on his Christmas flight.  They also played a version of A Christmas Carol that included the songs from Scrooge, the Albert Finney version of A Christmas Carol.  (One year I recorded it off the radio onto a cassette tape.  I still have that recording enjoying it whenever it is played.)  They also surrounded their commercials with a series of ad wrappers that gave us the history of some of our … customs of Christmas.

As time went on WROW’s Christmas programming increased to 30 hours then 36 hours.  I have not been back home for Christmas in some time so I do not know what WROW’s Christmas programming may be now.

In 1999 I worked for a company that put on a Christmas luncheon and program for the employees.  That year I oversaw putting the program together.  Can you guess what I did?  Yes, it was The Customs of Christmas.

In 2000 I took a course on web design.  In it we had to design a website.  I already had all the text I used for the Christmas luncheon program.  It was perfect for a website, a home page with several pages for content.  That is how my Christmas website that investigates the history of our customs of Christmas began.

Since then the website has grown to include histories, recipes, games, and an advent calendar featuring The Cinnamon Bear, a radio show that has played over the air every year since 1937.

Stop by and enjoy the website,  The advent calendar begins November 29.  Tell me what you like and what you would like to see on the website. 

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