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The Adventures of the Cinnamon Bear begins

November 29, 2015

The Cinnamon Bear Advent CalendarBe sure to stop by my website,, every day between today and Christmas to listen to The Cinnamon Bear.  First aired in 1937, Paddy O’Cinnamon, the Cinnamon Bear, helps Jimmy and Judy as they chase down the Crazy Quilt Dragon to get back their silver star that should sit upon the top of their Christmas tree.

Every day between now and Christmas a different 15-minute episode will be available for your listening pleasure.

Happy listening!

Grieving During the Holidays

November 16, 2015

Thanksgiving and Christmas are times for remembering.  Remembering good times.  Remembering family.  Remembering friends.  Remembering where we have come from.  Remembering how we got to where we are.  Some, however,  remember bad times, friends and relatives who have passed on, break ups, schisms between friends and family members.

It is difficult to go through these remembering holidays when those who are a big part of the traditions and memories of those holidays are, for whatever reason, not helping us celebrate.  Twenty-two years ago this month, November, my wife and I were looking forward to the birth of our first child.  We were looking forward to many years of making memories with this child.  About two weeks before Thanksgiving a beautiful baby girl arrived.  But God determined that her time on this earth would be short.  She passed on at the age of nine days.  For us, that year was the year without a Thanksgiving.  We still miss that little girl, but with each year that passes the hurt lessens.  We thank God for the time we had with her and that we have one good photo of her.

For us the ache was for the loss of a loved one, a child.  For others it is for lost parents, grandparents, siblings, or good friends.  Each person deals with that loss and the memories that follow in different ways.  I wrote a letter to my little one expressing the dreams I had for her that would never be realized.  Others may do charitable work or give to charities in their loved one’s name.  Others channel their grief into moments of creativity.

One such person is Erin Hoff of Danville, IL.  She was watching the snow fall and thinking about her dad who had passed away when the words of a song came to her.  The song, entitled “Does it Snow in Heaven”, ended up talking about the loss of her mom instead, but anyone who has lost a dear friend or loved one can relate to the song.

Erin is using this song to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital (listen to a portion of the song using the link below).  If you would like a copy of Erin’s song donate at least $5.00 to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.  Then email Erin at and let her know about your donation.  She will send you her song.

If you are going through the pain of loss this holiday season I am sorry, and I feel for you.  But remember this; while the pain does not ever go totally away, you will be happy again.  You will smile again.  Remember the good times spent with your loved one and cherish the memories you made together.

Have a happy Thanksgiving and a very merry Christmas!

Does It Snow In Heaven (partial song)

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