Thinking about decorating our new house for Christmas

family decorating for ChristmasWhat a wild and busy two months I have had.  My family and I finally moved into a house after being between houses for about a month.  (This is why I did not post to my blog last month.)  Now that we are pretty much settled I can start planning how we will be decorating for Christmas.

In our previous house we had two Christmas trees in our living room, a tall, slim tree at the back of the room, the focal point of the room and a tall, full tree at the front by a window.   We also had a small tree up in the master bedroom with my wife’s Christmas village surrounding it.  Outside we had four bushes that we used four sets of net lights on.  We also put garland and lights around a light post and around the railings on our front stoop.

In our present house we have a smaller living room with a large, front-facing window.  One Christmas tree will go there so people outside can enjoy it, too.  The front door is in the living room.  By it is a half wall with rail posts going to the ceiling.  I think we will entwine garland and lights around the posts and, if I can convince my wife or sneak them in, hang Christmas decorations from them.  Downstairs we have a large family room.  The other Christmas tree will go there.  Will we use our small, four-foot tree?  I do not know.  I’ll have to think on that some more.  Outside we have railings by our front and back doors.  These doors are actually at the sides of the house facing the houses on both sides and easily seen from the front of the house.  We will be using garland and lights around both of them.

Well, that is a start.  I am sure we will come up with other ideas that will make this a bright and enjoyable Christmas.

Cinnamon Ornaments  (make these ornaments to make your house look and smell wonderful)

1 cup ground cinnamon

4 tablespoons white glue

3/4 to 1 cup water

Stir together cinnamon, glue, and water. The dough should be as thick as
cookie dough. Refrigerate the dough for 2 hours. Sprinkle cinnamon onto
the work surface. Spoon chilled dough onto work surface and knead the
dough until it is smooth. Sprinkle more cinnamon onto the work surface.
With a rolling pin roll the dough to about a 1/4-inch thickness. Cut out
shapes with cookie cutters. Poke a hole in each shape with a plastic straw. To
dry the shapes lay them on waxed paper at room temperature and turn them
over twice a day for four days. To speed up the drying, bake the ornaments
on a cookie sheet in a warm oven for 2 hours. When the shapes are dry, add
ribbon hangers. Use acrylic paints to decorate the decorating for Christmas



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    Alison Says:

    Hey Tim. I’ve added you to my Reader list on WP. Nice to see you here.

    Ali aka Merry from Talk Christmas

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