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Celebrating your birthday on Christmas day

April 25, 2013

Have you ever wished your birthday was Christmas day? I must admit I never have. Wedding anniversary maybe, but not birthday. I imagine some people love it. Others detest it. Some years my daughter’s birthday coincides with Thanksgiving Day. We tell her everyone in the United States are celebrating her birthday with parades, special meals, and lots of fun. She doesn’t agree and asks that we celebrate her birthday on another day during Thanksgiving week.

Here is a short list of people who were born on Christmas day:

1564 – Johannes Buxtorf (the Elder), German Protestant scholar
1642 – Sir Isaac Newton, English scientist, discovered the law of universal gravitation
1717 – Pope Pius VI, pope 1775-1799
1721 – William Collins, English poet
1763 – Claude Chappe, French engineer, developed the first semaphore
1821 – Clara Barton, U. S. humanitarian, founder of the American Red Cross
1878 – Louis Chevrolet, Swiss-American race car driver and automobile magnate
1887 – Conrad Hilton, U. S. hotelier, founder of Hilton Hotels Corporation
1889 – Lila Acheson Wallace, U. S. publisher, founded Reader’s Digest with her husband Dewitt Wallace
1893 – Robert Leroy Ripley, U. S. cartoonist, best known for his syndicated feature Believe It or Not
1899 – Humphrey Bogart, U. S. actor
1918 – Anwar Sadat, Egyptian leader, known for his peace efforts with Israel
1924 – Rod Sterling, U. S. TV personality, writer and host of The Twilight Zone

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